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A Healthy Body Fed with the Right Nutrition Equals Perfect Locks

Besides using quality shampoo and conditioner as must need hair products, did you know that your daily diet also effects your hair? What goes in your body comes out through your skin, pores, hair, and everything else. Your body is effected by how you treat it on a regular basis. The best food for healthy hair is a well balanced diet that has plenty of protein and iron.

No matter what you have heard, stay away from hair supplements that are supposedly food for healthy hair. The excess amount of hair supplements can actually lead to hair loss if they are taken in improper doses! The most effective food for healthy hair can be obtained from food that has a high nutritional value.

However, don't think that sugar and chips help your hair. We're talking about food that is good for your body and makes your hair healthy in return. Here are some examples of good food you should be feeding your body.

1. Green Vegetables

Dark green vegetables contain vitamins like vitamin A and C. From the A and C vitamins the body converts the nutrients into sebum, which is a natural oil that is produced by the hair follicles. Sebum is used to keep your hair healthy and strong and acts as a natural conditioner for your hair. Green vegetables are not only good for your hair, they are good for your body too! They keep your skin in great condition and help you have a healthy mind and heart.

2. Nuts

Go nutty over nuts because they are exactly what your body needs. Nuts give your body what it needs: zinc. If your body does not have enough zinc be sure to eat a lot of nuts, but in moderation of course. If you don't have enough zinc in your body hair shedding usually takes place among other problems. To solve this problem eat nuts, which will provide minerals for your hair that will keep your hair and scalp happy.

3. Salmon

Most of us know that salmon come with Omega-3 fatty acids, which is great for a body that needs protein. All bodies need protein in moderation and the protein provides support to healthy locks that is needed to produce a healthy scalp. Has your scalp been dry lately? Try eating more protein because your body is telling you that you don't have enough fatty acids to keep your body strong. A healthy individual is recommended to take in 0.8 grams of protein per day per kilograms of body weight. One pound equals 2.2 kilograms.

4. Eggs

Eggs have been use for many many years. They have great nutritional value and even though they are often combined with milk, cheese, or additional types of food, the nutritional value is still there. Raw eggs can be even be applied to your hair to act as a conditioner. Leave it on your hair for a few minutes and then wash it out for instant nutrition to your locks.

5. Beans

Eat beans for additional nutritional value that your body needs. Beans come with a lot of iron, zinc and biotin that keeps your hair strong. If split ends should take place from straightening or blow drying your hair, that is when iron, zinc, and biotin come into play. They help protect your hair from damage by keeping your hair in the condition that it is supposed to be: beautiful.

So after reading this is your daily eating schedule full of nutrition? If it isn't try eating things that feed your body with positive nutrients. Not only will your locks thank you, you will feel better rested during the day and your body will last longer through the years. Over all, a healthy body equals perfect locks. Together your natural hair combined with human hair extensions will look beautiful, healthy, and strong.

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