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A Closer Look at Eyelash Extensions

False lashes droop. Mascara gloops. Bare, thin lashes won't do, if you want a high-glam evening or formal look. So what's a girl to do?

One option to investigate is eyelash extensions. These semi-permanent fibers add thickness and length to your natural eyelashes, helping your peepers pop. Yet what are they, and how do they work? Read on to find out.

What ARE Eyelash Extensions?

Basically, eyelash extensions are just like hair extensions: they are short strands of synthetic or natural hair attached to your normal lashes by a licensed technician, using a strong-hold adhesive. Think of them as fusion extensions for your eyelashes.

Synthetic eyelash extensions, just like synthetic hair extensions, are usually strands of man-made fibers like stretched plastics. Natural lash extensions, on the other hand, do not come from humans; these are usually made of silk or mink hairs. The process for gathering them is cruelty-free, as farmers simply comb their specially-raised minks to gather loose fur, then sterilize, shape, and sell the hairs to eyelash-extension dealers. Either way, the lash extensions you buy will be durable and resilient, and won't droop, fold, or crush like false eyelashes do.

How are Eyelash Extensions Applied?

Like fusion hair extensions, eyelash extensions are bonded to the shaft of your own natural eyelashes by a certified cosmetologist. The process takes a few hours, depending on the client, because each lash must be individually sealed in place and each client has a different number of lashes to lengthen.

Technicians use specially-made tweezers to attach the extension hairs to individual lashes long and strong enough to bear extending; not every lash on the eye gets an extension, in order to maintain a natural look. The hairs are bonded using a surgical-grade medical glue typically used to seal incisions and cuts in emergency rooms  - so you know it won't irritate most eyes, yet it will provide a durable, lightweight, and lasting hold.

What Else Should I Know?

Your eyelash extensions should last anywhere from two weeks to three months. This is because  the extensions are bonded to your natural eyelashes, which continuously grow, fall out, and regrow every two to three months. So if you have your extensions applied near the end of this life cycle, you'll get less wear out of them; if you apply them just after a set of new eyelashes have come in, you'll get more. However, once the natural lash falls off, your extensions will go with them, and you will need to get a new set applied.


Be forewarned, though: this can be expensive. Eyelash extensions can cost from $100  to $300 to install, since the process is quite lengthy, and - as with any hair extensions - natural hair costs more than synthetic.

People with sensitive eyes or allergies to animal fur or dander should also consult a physician before getting eyelash extensions. Fortunately, some doctors' offices today offer eyelash extension application, just like they offer ear piercing.

In the end, the decision is up to you. Dealing with eyelashes that can come off in the heat of the moment or run down your face at the slightest emotion is no fun. Eyelash extensions give you the opportunity to have long, thick, attention-grabbing lashes that look natural and require no extra makeup. Why not give it a look-see?

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