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6 Quick Tips for Makeup Staying Power

At work, shopping, or clubbing, makeup meltdown is no fun. The streaky or even shiny look of sweated- or worn-off makeup wastes all the hours you’ve spent expertly applying lipstick, eye shadow, and blush. And even though some cosmetic brands promise “long wear” or to last “forever”, reality doesn’t always match the commercials. So what’s a girl to do? Try these six simple how-to makeup tricks for getting your cosmetics to go on and stay on for hours and hours, no matter what the setting:

Apply primer or moisturizer FIRST. Not only does this prevent makeup from seeping too deeply into pores, it also provides a smooth base for applying all your other cosmetics, from foundation to concealers to pigments. Use lip balm to achieve the same effect on lips.

Use liquid formulas for many makeup applications. The process of drying “sets” the product on your face, somewhat like setting lotion does for your hair. :) Liquid eyeliners and lip stains give a lasting, defined, and modern look, while stain blushes seldom melt and impart a softer, glowing-from-within profile.

“Sandwich” wetter products between layers of drier ones. Apply eye shadow before liner, foundation or concealer before blush, and lip pencil—coloring in the whole lip—before lipstick, stain, or gloss. The drier product helps the wetter one “grip” the skin and keeps it from sliding off, without clogging pores.

Mist your face with a bit of water AFTER completing your look. It sounds insane, but it works. Hold a travel-size spray bottle of plain water about 6-7 inches from your face, and lightly mist your look with a few sprays of water. You’ll immediately see the colors grow more intense, and once the water dries, you’ll have a much longer-lasting makeup application.

Finish off with powder makeup. Set your look with translucent powder, preferably loose powder makeup, so that you don’t smear your creation or add any extra color. If you use the water trick above, dust on powder while your face is still slightly damp.

Experiment with product brands. Not all high-end makeup brands come through on their long-wear promises. Sometimes, the brand that costs $1 at the beauty supply last longer than the expensive, makeup-counter brand—and sometimes, it doesn’t. Try out different product lines, and don’t be afraid to mix them up for best results.

Now you should be ready to face the world, whether for a romantic weekend getaway, a girl’s night out, or just relaxing, with the knowledge that the face you show won’t go anywhere until you want it to.

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