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5 Tips to Better Hair

beautiful hair 5 Tips to Better HairLike everyone living on the planet earth, we all want to maintain our hair and make our hair healthier. Maybe you’ve already read “5 tips to Treat Damaged Hair” and want just want to make your hair better.  Despite our difference in looks in and lifestyle we can all have healthy and lustrous hair, here are some tips that can help all of us:
Tip # 1
Using heat less often can make your hair healthier. Using a lot of heat makes your hair dry and brittle which then leads to split ends. If you wear curls everyday try using rollers or creating pin curls to achieve your curls. To straighten hair you can use a paddle brush to make sure your lengths are straight and smooth. That way you don’t have to use a flat iron.
Tip # 2
Grease your scalp at least three times a week. Greasing your scalp will help maintain the moisture in your hair. Moisture is the key to soft and glowing hair. You can also hydrate your hair by washing it at least every two weeks and using a good moisturizer and conditioner.
Tip # 3
Go to your salon once a month and treat your hair to a protein treatment. Protein treatment strengths your hair cuticle, in turn strengthening your hair.
Tip # 4
Trim or snip the ends of your hair to even. This gives your hair a nice appearance while getting rid of any damaged hair that you have.
Tip # 5
Always sleep with some kind of protection over your hair. Before you go to sleep you can wrap your hair up in a satin cap or scarf to maintain your style and moisture.
The key to having beautiful hair is to maintain it. Make sure you do all you can to keep your hair glowing, even if it means treating yourself to a few salon visits!  We also have informational tips on how to choose the right salon for you.

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