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4 Beauty Moves Guys Love

Valentine’s Day is usually all about women. Cards, flowers, stuffed animals, jewelry, candies – it’s all great for the ladies. But what about guys? Outside of a funny card or a heart-shaped snack, there doesn’t seem to be a lot a woman can do for her guy on Valentine’s Day…except for looking her best!

Every man has his own unique turn-ons and turn-offs, but did you know that most guys love the following beauty moves?



Some like it long and some like it short, but surveys show that tousled hair is definitely hot with guys. While magazines and red carpets may feature perfectly coiffed manes with every hair in place, most men find such looks intimidating, fearing to mess up your costly ‘do. Bedhead, on the other hand, looks casual and flirty; it’s touchable and soft, and sends the message that you’re game for a little fun.


Again, contrary to what’s seen on TV, a majority of US men report preferring a natural, barely-there approach to makeup. Too much looks artificial and stains clothes, leaving your man wary to touch you – not what you want on Valentine’s Day!


Instead of a full face, try just a touch of lip gloss, eye liner, and cheek stain, or go bare and use scent to spruce up. Dabbing on a bit of perfume behind the ears, on the wrists, or even behind the kneecaps keeps the scent from being overpowering while giving your guy a few pleasant surprises as you two, um, explore, this Valentine’s Day. Studies show that over 70% of men are aroused by and attracted to citrus aromas like lemon, orange, lime, and especially grapefruit.


No surprises here: less is more. Men like to see a little skin, but within reason. Men tend to judge scantily-clad women more harshly than those who show a bit less skin, and over 60% of husbands and boyfriends say they like their significant other best when she’s dressed down, wearing simple, casual clothes, including men’s button-down shirts! Don’t go overboard – sweat pants don’t exactly raise heartbeats – but try an outfit that shows off your curves without being too overdressed this special day.


So, overall, the moral of the story seems to be this: keep it simple to keep your guy involved. Too-perfect hair, makeup, and wardrobe is like wearing a big “Hands Off” sign. They know how much time and money women spend on those things! So tousle up that hair, whether you’ve got a short crop or long hair extensions, wash off your makeup, spritz on some scent, and lounge in something semi-casual (and easy to remove!), and you’ll have your man as close as you want this Valentine’s Day!

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