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2009 Fashionable Hair Trends

2008 Hair TrendsEven though it's already the middle of the year, these hair trends have held solid ground in 2008. I can truthfully see the meaning in what goes around comes right back around. This year as far as hairstyles everyone has been into the 80's flair. Many women wear Indian hair extensions to achieve these styles:

The Bob

The bob has become a big trend all over America. It's a traditional style and extremely versatile. You can customize a bob according to your style. If you are more traditional you can wear the bob similar to the way it was worn in the 1920's. Think of Catherine Zeta Jones. Or if you are more modern you wear the bob in a rock-chic version, choppy and a little messy.


This year everyone has adopted some bangs. Some are short and lie just above the eyes, some meet the eyes and others are layered and choppy. Bangs can alter your look and bring out the inner person in you.

Two Toned Hair Color

Regular colored hair is going out the window. Many women are going for a soft hair color on the top and a more blunt color on the tips of their mane. If you are looking for a change in hair color, I would say this is the way to go.

Soft and Feminine

The 1920's and 40's hairstyles are coming back. Many women are adopting slicked back hair with a nice bun in the back. Some are putting their tresses up in soft, flirty styles.


People are becoming bolder this year; they are chopping off their long lengths and going for the short do's. Some are soft and feminine while others have a masculine yet sexy flair to it.

So far, this year's hair trends are bold and beautiful. We are doing away with just the average tresses and livening up our hair with bold colors and chopping off lengths. Seems like complete makeovers are taking place this year... It's also a good sign of what's to come in 2009!

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