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Creative Ways To Cover Your Tattoo For Your Wedding Day

No longer the mark of the bad boy or the hardcore biker, the tattoo has become mainstream in recent years. From teens to grandmothers, corporate executives and construction workers, is seems as though everyone is "tatted up." But what happens when you want to cover your permanent work of art for your wedding day? Are you stuck with your stamp? Fear not. There are ways to cover your tattoo.

Here comes the bride... with some-thing to hide...

Covering your body art for your ultra-conservative wedding? Consider these options:


The product that is billed as the perfect coverage for scars is also great for covering your tattoo. Their SPF (Sun Protection Factor) 15 creme stick makeup is perfect for legs, arms, chests and neck areas. They also sell a loose setting powder for a matte finish that is almost undetectable. Dermablend boasts coverage for up to 16 hours on one application. More than enough time for photos, vows, cocktails and dancing.


Stage Makeup

Actors use it all the time to create scars, disfigurements, freckles and wrinkles. Why not use it to remove your body art? Stage makeup differs from regular concealer in that it is more closely matched to the skin tone and is  a lot more natural looking.

For maximum coverage, purchase three theatrical grade concealers. One should be in your exact skin tone, the other one shade lighter, and the third should be three shades lighter. Lightly pat your skin with the makeup, then gently brush on with a broad makeup brush. Cover only the tattoo and not the surrounding skin. Most theatrical grade makeup is waterproof, which means it won't rub off on your close as easily as regular concealer. Ben Nye is an excellent supplier of theatrical makeup.


*As an aside, Ben Nye also sells a product called spirit gum that is great for applying your full lace wigs and lace closure pieces.

Airbrush/Spray on Tan

If you have access to a salon that offers airbrushed makeup, consider them as an option for covering your tattoo. Airbrushing can last as long as a few days, making this perfect to last through the rigors of your wedding day. A tanning salon may also offer this service.

Cover ups

When in doubt, cover it up. A bolero, jacket or shrug may be just what you need to cover your tattoo. Not only will you conceal your artwork, you'll be stylish to boot!

Another option is a very long, flowing weave to cover your tattoo. If your tattoo is on the back of your neck or your upper back, consider purchasing Indian Remy extensions that camouflage the tattoo. Your guests will be so busy staring at your luscious locks that they won't even notice your body art.

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