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The Brazilian Blowout with Indian Remy hair extensions

The Brazilian Blowout is a revolutionary new technique that is spreading like wildfire across the country. The treatment, which is also referred to as the Brazilian Keratin treatment or Brazilian hair straightening, uses a liquid keratin to straighten the hair and add luster. The stylist bathes the hair in the keratin solution. The keratin smooths out frizzy strands, forcing them to lie flat. The stylist  then uses a 450 degree  flat iron to seal the keratin into the cuticle.  Once sealed, the keratin coating traps moisture, leading to a high-gloss shine. The procedure lasts up to four months, and can turn tightly coiled strands into bone straight locks in a matter of minutes.


Keratin, the material that skin, hair and nails is comprised of is naturally occurring and highly insoluble. This makes is resistant to moisture, heat and other elements that could break down its integrity. It is worth noting however, that most Brazilian keratin treatments contain formaldehyde, a chemical used in embalming fluid that has been known to cause cancer.

Many women swear by this technique. It has been used on women with all textures of hair, from wavy to tightly coiled to color-treated. The procedure can take between 90 minutes and two hours. Treatments cost, on average, between $150 and $450 per treatment, depending on the length of the hair.

Many women use the Brazilian Blowout in conjunction with their virgin Indian Remy hair extensions. Because virgin Indian Remy hair extensions have an intact cuticle that lies flat anyway, the Brazilian keratin treatment is not required when you're wearing straight hair extensions. (The virgin Remy hair has a natural shine) However, if you are wearing curly or wavy Indian Remy weaves, the Brazilian keratin treatment is a great way to go from curly to straight without much fuss.

When having your human hair extensions treated with a Brazilian keratin straightening treatment, make sure that the stylist straightens the hair before it is applied to your hair. The oily chemicals in the Brazilian treatment have been known to loosen the bonding solution that is used to secure your extensions, causing them to slip out of place. These treatments can be done together or at separate times. If you're wearing a sewn in weave, you can apply your Brazilian keratin treatment while your extensions are already in place.

The Brazilian Blowout is a great way to relax and straighten the hair without using chemicals that change the structure of the hair.


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