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1 Simple Secret for a Perfect High Ponytail

Earlier this week, we looked back at the 1990s and the rise—literally—of the high ponytail as a favorite hairstyle. This versatile look has been rocked on red carpets and catwalks, at house parties, and in offices over the years, proving that the ponytail is not just a child’s style anymore.

But what if you don’t quite have the length or natural volume to achieve one of those down-to-there ponytail hair styles? Women with short hair cuts or medium length hair styles should still be able to sport updos, and here is one simple tip for pulling it off: fake it.

Of course, that sounds simple. Everyone knows by now how easy it is to purchase a human hair ponytail and clip, wrap, or tie it on. But for women who need a little help getting their locks to reach the gathering point for their ponytail, or for women who wear fusion extensions and don’t want to put too much pressure on their weaves, there’s another, even simpler, way to fake it, and that’s by only creating the illusion of one ponytail.

The solution takes minutes. After washing, conditioning, and detangling hair, part tresses into two sections horizontally, as if you were going to create a partial updo. Ideally, one section should be somewhat narrower than the other, leaving room on the sides for blending and covering up the part.

Pull the top section into a sleek ponytail, using a brush to help achieve maximum smoothness, and secure with a covered elastic band. Position this pigtail higher—around the middle of the crown—for more formal looks like updos or topknots, or for a waterfall effect. Move it lower for a simple 9-to-5 look. Now brush the bottom portion into another ponytail, positioned below the top one. Wrap another band around the bottom section a few times—but not too tightly, to avoid pulling hair out—and then draw the top ponytail into the mix, banding it together with the back one, either with a new elastic or with the same one used for the back ponytail.

Now clip on your human hair ponytail, and you're almost ready to hit the town. Simply brush the sides of your hair upward to make sure the division between pigtails doesn’t show—use gel or pomade to slick down any flyaways—and throw on a decorative barrette or holder for an extra dash of style. Brush your newly-fused lock for a smooth look, or tease it for more volume. You may also choose to curl, roll, bump, or otherwise style your ponytail for an elegant evening out or formal affair. Any way you do it, though, you’ll still look great in your sky-high ponytail—which no one knows is really two!

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