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All about Hand Tied Wefts

hand tied weft video Perfect Locks Hand Tied Wefts are made by skilled workers at our factory in India. Each track takes 4 to 5 hours to create. One full 4 ounce bundle can take 20 to 25 hours to complete. A great deal of work goes into creating these hand tied wefted products, creating a more finished product that lays flatter against the scalp giving you a more undetectable look. The creation of a Hand Tied Weft is very time consuming and detail oriented. The knots on the Hand Tied track are tight very tight making the construction of the weft very secure. This helps reduce shedding by creating a higher quality product. Hand Tied weft tracks come pre-cut in 5 pieces. The length of each track depends on the overall length of the bundle of hair, but the average length of the track can range from 18" to 24". Hand Tied Wefts are always in stock for our Straight, Wavy, and Curly Virgin Indian Hair Weaves.

Hand Tied Weft Installation

hand tied weft video There is a specific technique folding over the track during the installation process to keep the hair from shedding. For directions on how to properly install a Hand Tied Weft, please reference this important video to the right. This video demonstrates the "folding over" technique which, in addition to sealing with glue, is critical to keeping the hand tied track from shedding. Each bundle of hair contains 5 separate tracks. We recommend against cutting Hand Tied Wefts because it can lead to shedding if not sealed properly. Consult your stylist if you are unsure of which type of weft to use, they can make a recommendation for you.

The alternative to Hand Tied Wefts are Machine Weft. Machine wefts are slighter thicker, and are one continuous track that can be cut in pieces of desired length. The track is also thicker than the track on a Hand Tied Weft.

Hand Tied vs. Machine Weft